MediaLight is a pioneer in training next generation Christian leaders to become media missionaries to their people, confidently using the modern tools of media to bring the gospel to their people. After training leaders from 40 nations add their base in Northern Thailand, MediaLight is responding to God’s instructions for them to, “multiply training opportunities in the nations.”

in 2017 five nations have been chosen to start a national organization dedicated to bringing media to missions in their nations: Vietnam, the Philippines, Ethiopia, India & Italy. We are now turning to the body of Christ around the world to ask for help in raising the budget needed.

This is the first generation of digital natives. They have never known a day without technology. It is their normal means of communicating big ideas and the thoughts and feelings of their heart. God’s leaders today have to be able to speak the language of media. MediaLight is here to help and has the expertise to do so. Would you stand with us and support us today?