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FREE Courses During the Coronavirus Lockdown

To stand in solidarity with church leaders around the world we've created new courses and made them free while we're all trying to adjust to the new realities of a global pandemic.

This crisis is also an opportunity for you to invest in your own learning so you can begin to minister effectively online, which will set you up for a lifetime of connecting with others in this new way.

Begin with Find Your Calling, then move to Church Leaders Digital Survival Course, and finally, upgrade your mobile video production skills with Producing Video On and For Mobile Devices.

Then feel free to explore the other courses we offer or visit Medialightasia.com to learn more about our advanced live training programs and to access our Thread Bible Podcast (available on the site, the iTunes Podcast store and on major podcast platforms).

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Discover how Media is
the new opportunity for the gospel!

Is This You?

You love Jesus and feel called to represent him to your world.
The problem is—you haven’t really found a place in ministry that fits.

The standard roles feel outdated
and you’ve noticed that it seems to be
the artists, musicians, and filmmakers of the world
who have everyone’s attention today.

Media training for mission? But where can you find it? Here, of course.
We're creatives on a mission.



Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why now is the time for media missions
What media missions looks like
How to develop a strategy for outreach using media
How others like you are using media to build and influence a tribe
The essential principles of photography
How to develop your own unique speaking voice
Confidence for public speaking
How to use your mobile phone to produce stunningly effective video content
Personal leadership development for missions
5 pillars of video construction
Editing for mobile video
The 5 levels of leadership
10 things every leader does
How to avoid leadership erosion
The core teachings of Jesus
The 4 pillars of Jesus’ Kingdom teachings
Voice acting
And much more…


Come for Advanced Training!

Yes, we do have an awesome media school.... in Thailand!
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