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FREE Course During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Medialight is a school of mission with special expertise in media. Over the last 10 years we've trained leaders from 40+ nations at our campus in Northern Thailand.

Covid-19 has disrupted church ministry across the world. In response, we've created a new FREE course to help you unlock the amazing communication power you can have using only your mobile phone and Facebook.

This lockdown is a gift, an opportunity, for you to invest in your own learning so you can begin to minister effectively online from this point on in your ministry.

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Discover how Media is
the new opportunity for the gospel!

Is This You?

You love Jesus and feel called to represent him to your world.
The problem is—you haven’t really found a place in ministry that fits.

The standard roles feel outdated
and you’ve noticed that it seems to be
the artists, musicians, and filmmakers of the world
who have everyone’s attention today.

Media training for mission? But where can you find it? Here, of course.
We're creatives on a mission.



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Yes, we do have an awesome media school.... in Thailand!
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